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About VTT

Chris Esterquest, founding father and the dog owner of Vermont Therapeutic Contact, it has analyzed numerous ways of massage and continues to be performing bodywork for more than 14 years.

Having a niche in dealing with people that are concentrating their lives on self-improvement, Chris provides a well-rounded exercise of reassurance, assistance, and bodywork that enhances the caliber of that self-development.

Chris is just a person in Related Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).

Sadie Lyon is just a scholar of Massage underneath the path of Don White’s Vermont Start. She focuses on dealing with people that are not unconnected with and alert to their wellbeing and overall health. Sadie is experienced in leisure massage Remedial massage and other power function. She claims, “I like meditating and strolling with my puppy within the woods; both appear to stability and middle me, which allows me to become present for my customers.”

Sadie can also be an associate of ABMP.